Spelling and writing

Today was a good day for Copeland. We looked at Thanksgiving related pictures and stories with mild interest on his part. He wanted to play the games! He did a good job sequencing numbers starting on digits other than 1(2-10, 4-12, etc) but I could tell that it blew his mind…

We worked on spelling too. He would write dictated sounds on a plate of salt. The salt so far has been his best writing surface. It was funny though, after a few dictations he started spelling out the whole example word instead of just the target sound. So, I think spelling will go pretty quickly.


Copeland’s reading

Copeland has had quite a breakthrough in his reading. He has always loved reading, but most of the time his oration was monotonic and the cadence was just a little off. He got most of the words right and he sounded out unfamiliar words accurately.

But now, he is actually reading the stories with inflection and proper pauses at a reasonable pace. Also, he wants me to read to him, and I see him following along, observing where to put emphasis and piecing together what the sentences are supposed to sound like, not just the individual words.

As a result, I can see him getting even more enjoyment and excitement out of reading,