Spelling and writing

Today was a good day for Copeland. We looked at Thanksgiving related pictures and stories with mild interest on his part. He wanted to play the games! He did a good job sequencing numbers starting on digits other than 1(2-10, 4-12, etc) but I could tell that it blew his mind…

We worked on spelling too. He would write dictated sounds on a plate of salt. The salt so far has been his best writing surface. It was funny though, after a few dictations he started spelling out the whole example word instead of just the target sound. So, I think spelling will go pretty quickly.


Copeland’s reading

Copeland has had quite a breakthrough in his reading. He has always loved reading, but most of the time his oration was monotonic and the cadence was just a little off. He got most of the words right and he sounded out unfamiliar words accurately.

But now, he is actually reading the stories with inflection and proper pauses at a reasonable pace. Also, he wants me to read to him, and I see him following along, observing where to put emphasis and piecing together what the sentences are supposed to sound like, not just the individual words.

As a result, I can see him getting even more enjoyment and excitement out of reading,

Handwriting change

The occupational therapist told me Copeland would do better with his handwriting using finger paint. She said it would be easier to go from pointer finger to writing than from reverse grip to writing.

I did notice when we did handwriting in a plate of salt that he had an easier time and his letters looked a lot better. Mainly we need to work on hand strength and not worry so much about writing on paper. That will come when his hands are strong enough and it will be a lot less frustrating and stressful for both of us.

The power of dishes

After thinking about the prospect of doing the dishes, we ended up doing school anyway….

We worked on the th sound. He pronounces it as /f/ in familiar words, but when he sounds out unfamiliar words, he pronounces it right.

He’s doing very well with spelling. He segments words very well and can type the letters proficiently, but writing the letters is still hard.

Home school woes

Once again I’m having trouble getting started. My son said he didn’t want to do school and instead of using the timer, I got frustrated and angry. My pressures and procrastination are wearing on me so I wasn’t thinking clearly. The kids were/are very understanding.

I decided to use today to write down what I need to do, to clean the house up a little and to do some dishes.

Tomorrow and from now on we will start at 9:00, and tonight I will organize and make a lesson plan

official validation

 I’m having a hard time getting started with schooling. He does fine when I get the ball rolling, but my organization, or lack thereof, is causing us to lose time and sometimes not to start at all. I’m quite capable of organizing, but something is holding me back.

I think I needed validation from an official source. His new OT was the first official school person to say that she was glad we were home schooling him. I feel better about what we are doing. Even though he has done so well already, I still think I needed that encouragement